Extend Runtime with the EVO-SP™ System

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Significantly Extend the Run Time of Critical Emergency Standby Power Systems

Stand-by diesel generators are typically restricted to brief periods of continuous operation as governed by the size of their fuel storage tanks. While highly useful for intermittent power losses, their utility is substantially diminished during extended power failures as a long duration outage can exceed a generator’s fuel storage capacity. The EVO-SP System provides significant increases in generator runtime using pipeline-supplied natural gas as a substitute for limited onsite diesel fuel.

The EVO-SP System has been designed to ensure that converted generators meet the most demanding stand-by power requirements including NFPA 110. The SP System can be utilized on single generators as well as multiple generators operating in parallel stand-by service. In the event that natural gas service is interrupted, the SP System reverts the emergency generator to 100% diesel mode without loss of engine speed or generator frequency.

Extended Runtime Example: 1000 KW Generator

A 1000 KW emergency generator would typically consume 70 gallons per hour of diesel fuel. Assuming an onsite diesel storage capacity of 2,000 gallons, the generator would be able to operate for approximately 28 hours on a continuous basis.

Using the EVO-SP System on this same emergency generator, assuming a 60% displacement of diesel with gas, the diesel fuel consumption would be decreased to approximately 28 gallons per hour. The EVO-SP System would replace 42 gallons of diesel fuel with approximately 5,460 standard cubic feet of pipeline-supplied natural gas.

In the above scenario, the EVO-SP System would extend generator runtime from 28 hours to over 71 hours.

Please use the calculator below to see how EVO NG+D technology can dramatically extend the runtime of your emergency power system:

Savings Runtime Calculator:  English Units Metric Units