The History of GFS Corp

The Early Years

The current executive management of GFS Corp has designed and brought to market various natural gas conversion kits for reciprocating engines since 1978. Through the years, the company has focused on various markets, consistently bringing successful and innovative solutions to our customers.

Originally having developed natural gas conversions for small on-road vehicles, conversions for diesel engines were soon designed and successfully marketed for operators of large fleets.

In 1998 GTI or Gas Technologies, Inc was formed to focus on stationary diesel power generation conversions using a bi-fuel combination of pipe delivered natural gas and diesel to offer extended run times. Thousands of these conversions have been installed and are currently operating worldwide! In ongoing research and development projects, GTI also converted locomotives and marine applications that utilized some of the same engines used in the stationary applications. Success brought suitors, and eventually GTI was acquired by Altronic in 2002 and a GTI / Altronic division was established.

In 2005, current GFS Corp management came to an agreement with Altronic to buy back the on-road patents while continuing to be a dealer for Altronic’s stationary kits. The plan was to form a new company focused on the off-road markets, mine, rail and marine.

The Modern Era at GFS Corp

Since 2005 GFS has been developing solutions for the off-road markets using Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) stored onboard in cryogenic tanks. In 2007, private equity financing from Black River Asset Management, a Cargill subsidiary, and others has allowed the company to perfect these systems and bring them to market. In June 2012, GFS Corp announced that the first commercially viable LNG+D conversions were available for the Caterpillar 777 series and 793 series of mine haul trucks.

Going Forward

The original management team from 1978 is still in place, only now supported by a team of other professionals to take the company to the next level. Talks are underway with several major mining companies for pilot programs on other types of mine haul trucks and installation projects on the CAT 793 and 777. Research and development of other applications will allow GFS Corp to continue to expand its markets. It is an exciting time at GFS Corp!