GFS Corp. Converts CAT 777C Mine Haul Truck to 60% Liquefied Natural Gas

For Immediate Release

Harlan County, Kentucky. Gaseous Fuel Systems, Corporation (GFS) www.gfs-corp.net has successfully demonstrated its Bi-Fuel conversion system for mining vehicles in the United States. The CAT 777 operating at a commercial coal production facility in Harlan County, Kentucky operates with more than 60% gas substitution for diesel without loss of performance.

GFS is preparing to launch its first commercial U.S. fleet conversion of mining vehicles in 2011 in Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia. The region is uniquely suited for the conversion of hundreds of mining trucks to the GFS Bi-Fuel System. There is a unique combination of surface mining and available LNG within a 300 mile driving radius. A vast number of on-road 18 wheeler tractor trailer trucks hauling coal in this region can also be converted by GFS.

The GFS Bi-Fuel System will allow mining equipment to operate saving more than 30% on fuel cost using U.S. produced natural gas while lowering emissions.

For more information contact Kerry Hackney, Director of Marketing for GFS Corp. at 954-693-9657 or khackney@gfs-corp.net.