New Liquid Natural Gas Conversion Systems for Two Popular Models of Komatsu Mine Haul Trucks Introduced

Today at the High Horse Power Summit in Chicago, Illinois, GFS Corp, maker of the EVO-MT™ Conversion System, announced new LNG retrofit solutions for the Komatsu 830E and 930E model electric drive haul trucks.

GFS Corp, the leader in natural gas conversions of high horsepower diesel vehicles and the first to market with conversion solutions for large mine haul trucks, has announced two new additions to their product lineup. GFS unveiled two additions to its NG+D™ brand of natural gas plus diesel conversion systems. The new product models are the EVO-MT 8300 for the Komatsu 830 model haul truck and the EVO-MT 9300 for the Komatsu 930 model haul truck.

These new additions add to GFS Corp’s current product line-up of conversion systems for the Caterpillar 777 and 793 mechanical drive trucks. GFS is the first company to offer a fully integrated LNG conversion solution for large mine haul trucks and has had its EVO-MT 7930 systems operating on Cat 793B model haul trucks for over a year at Alpha Natural Resource’s Belle Ayr mine in Gillette, Wyoming.

The two new NG+D™ Systems represent the company’s first offering for electrical drive trucks. The company says that its EVO-MT 8300 System for the Komatsu 830 truck will be operating at a launch customer’s mine in the fourth quarter of this year. Additional Komatsu trucks with both the EVO-MT 8300 and EVO-MT 9300 Systems installed will be operating at other locations shortly thereafter.

“We are excited to announce two new mining products here at the High Horsepower Summit in Chicago. Our new EVO-MT 8300 and 9300 Systems for the Komatsu 830 and 930 trucks build upon our success to date and represent a significant technological advancement of our core MT product," said Jason Green, company President. “We look forward to seeing the first Komatsu trucks operating with our launch customer later this year.”

As with the company’s other haul truck conversion offerings, the EVO-MT 8300 and 9300 systems are fully integrated solutions that include a proprietary onboard LNG fuel storage system, LNG vaporization and gas control, electronic control unit and NG+D™ engine controls and safety systems. The EVO-MT 8300 / 9300 Systems are offered with either 300 or 600 gallons of onboard LNG capacity depending on configuration. The new systems are designed for in field retrofit and will require about two days to install and commission.

About Gaseous Fuel Systems (GFS Corp)

GFS Corp designs, manufactures and sells proprietary solutions that enable high horsepower, heavy duty diesel engines to operate on natural gas. The company’s primary focus is providing fully integrated alternative fuel solutions for the mining, construction, stationary power and rail markets. For additional information, contact Kerry Hackney, Director of Marketing for GFS Corp at 954-693-9657 or visit the company’s website at http://www.gfs-corp.com.